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Dear Residents,

We have had a number of incidents whereby males have reportedly to have be from the Water Board have gained or attempted to gain entry into homes in Croydon right across the borough.

Please see the crime prevention advice below and circulate it to friends / family and make the elderly aware as they are targeted most by these men.

Distraction burglary
Distraction burglars pretend to be someone they are not in order to enter your home to steal.

The most common methods include:
•       Pretending to be from a utility company investigating a gas or water leak
•       Asking for help to leave a note for a neighbour.
•       Claiming to be in a hurry or an emergency and needing to get into your home quickly.
•       Working in teams where one person distracts you while the another searches your home.

Remember – If in doubt, keep them out!

•       Always  check the identity of any caller – use your door viewer to see who is there and keep the door chain on.
•       Ask for ID and check it with the company before letting somebody in.
•       Use the phone number advertised in the phone book or online, as the number on their identity card could be fake. For a utility company, call the customer service       department.  Close the door while you do this.
•       Remember, genuine callers won’t mind checks. If you feel at all unsure, schedule a time for the caller to come back when a friend or relative is there.
•       For pre-planned appointments with utility companies, a password scheme can be set up.
•       If a distraction burglar has entered your home, be careful not to touch anything as there maybe forensic evidence to trace the suspect. Call the police immediately.

Please take care

Police Community Support Officer
Broad Green Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website:

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